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Evolution Skygazer







A concise range of sizes and designs that

would suit almost any family size, or style of

camping. Focusing on streamlined designs

to make sure the quality features are there,

without the bells and whistles that you may

not need.

1. Full mesh inners for ventilation

Ventilation is key to camping in

hot or cold climates. Too little in

a hot climate and you are going

to have a horrible night of sleep,

too little in a cold climate and

you are going to have excessive

condensation build up.

2. A size to suit anybody

This range has everything from

2 person compact tents through

to some of our largest family

tents. Depending on the size you

need now, or the size you think

you might need later, there is

definitely one to suit that need in

this range.

3. Large awning areas

All tents in this range from the

3V up make use of large awning

areas giving campers the ability

to create shade space around

their tent. A valuable feature that

is considered important for any

tent purchase.

We go into the outdoors to enjoy time

together and enjoy the outdoors itself. So

why shut yourself away from the outdoors

completely when you don’t have to?

1. Skygazer feature

Enjoy the view. This simple

but unique feature allows

you to make the most of your

surroundings, or spend an

evening watching the stars;

something most of us never really

get the chance to do except in

the outdoors.

2. Full mesh inners for ventilation

Ventilation is key to camping in

hot or cold climates. Too little in

a hot climate and you are going

to have a horrible night of sleep,

too little in a cold climate and

you are going to have excessive

condensation build up.

3. Designs that are as individual

as you

The Skygazer range has a number

of 4 person models that let you

choose your individual style. Just

because you’re in the outdoors

doesn’t mean you have to blend in,

or maybe you want to. In choosing

your design it’s up to you.

This range was purposely designed for small

to large families of various stages of life.

From small families starting out, where space

is great but everyone still needs to be close,

through to larger and older families, where

everyone gets a bit of space.

1. Large floorplans

Multi-room tents with plenty of

entries and exits are ideal for

most families. Space to relax is

something that is important for

making it a holiday rather than an


2. All season inner tents

Families can’t always choose

the season that they get into the

outdoors. In fact, many family

campers tell us that they prefer

winter camping as the grounds

are generally quieter. The inner

tents are designed so they can

be fully sealed with breathable

polyester to trap warmth, or fully

opened to allow for maximum ventilation.

3. Heavy duty materials

Making sure that your dome

tent survives everything a family

throws at it is important. In this

range we utilise rip stop polyester

fly fabrics, heavy duty corner

welded PE flooring and high

quality steel and fiberglass poles.

Quality that you can see and feel.

4. Organisation and liveability features

There are always those things

that everyone wants to keep safe

and stored. These models use

multi-level organisation features

to ensure everyone’s wallets, keys

and phones all have a place to be

safe. As well, we have ensured

these models are compatible

with OZtrail’s newMedia Centre

for tents. Allowing you to create a space where your

tablet can be wall mounted, ideal for a movie in bed, or

keeping the kids entertained out of the sun.

A range of tents for the traveller who wants

simplicity and speed. These models are

great for festivals or touring, where set up

and pack up in seconds means there is

nothing getting in the way of enjoying what

you are in the outdoors to actually do.

1. Simple and easy Pop Up frame

These frames are designed to be

rigidwhen expanded but flexible

enough that they can fold into a

small flat circular package. They are

designed to be set up and packed

up by one person; an excellent

feature for their ideal usage.

2. Simplified skin designs

The skin designs on these tents

have been purposely simplified.

By combining the features of

inner and outer sheet into one,

these tents pack up quickly and

compactly. As well, unlike other

Pop Ups, the setup is super quick.

3. Inbuilt ventilation

Just because you are simplifying

doesn’t mean you have to

compromise on liveability. These

models all have adjustable

ventilation options in their designs.

From simple mesh windows on

front doors to all weather covered

side windows. Simplicity does not

need to mean discomfort.





Ask an

exper t

The OZtrail product team continues to offer a range of tents that suit a variety of

budgets and lifestyles. Whether you are a couple seeking a quick setup tent for

a weekend away, or a tent to house a large family for extended holiday periods,

chances are that we have the tent to suit your needs.

So how do you choose which tent is right for your requirements? It should be a simple

decision if you know the number of sleepers, the expected weather conditions you will

be camping in, and the comfort and convenience you require. However, given the large

range of options available, making a purchase decision is not always that straightforward.

If in doubt, your local camping store will be able to help you navigate your decision. You

might even be able to get some local knowledge on what models will suit local conditions.