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Sp or tiva Fast Frame Lightweight Canvas





The Sportiva range has always been known

for its high quality and fresh new features. As

well, it means large and roomy tents for avid

campers and families alike.

1. Large floor plans

Multi-room tents with plenty of

entries and exits are ideal for

most families. Space to relax is

something that is important for

making it a holiday rather than an

ordeal. However, this large space

is still great for couples or small

families because of the easy to

set up pole systems.

2. NiteRoom



The NiteRoom



concept is all about enjoying

your time away. Whilst being

early to rise is a great choice to

make in the outdoors, we want it

to be a choice. These purposely

darkened rooms allow you those

precious extra hours of rest in the morning, or an ideal

space for young children to nap away during the day.

3. Heavy duty materials

Our Sportiva tents are an

investment in your time in the

outdoors. And, we want them

to last the test of time. We have

utilised the toughest and most

durable 150 Denier rip stop

polyesters in our range on these

models. Coupled with corner

welded HDPE flooring, we know

these are tents that will give you lots of great times in

the outdoors.

4. Media Centre and storage featureses

If you like to relax and watch a

movie in bed, or keep up the

minute on the latest football

or rugby match, you will love

OZtrail’s new Media Centre for

tents. Turn you tablet into a wall

mounted flat screen for your

tent in seconds. This feature is

supplied with all Sportiva tents.

Our Fast Frame tents were designed from the

ground up for people who want top of the

line materials and quick set up and pack up.

Whether it is because you are on a touring

holiday and setting up most days, or because

you want to maximise your time relaxing,

these tents were designed with you in mind.

1. Quick set up and pack up folding frame

Using a simple and strong

mechanism, this self-supporting

frame system will see your tent

up in minutes not hours. The

main frame of each tent uses

common features, so from the

smallest single room to the large

multi-rooms, the set up process

is little changed.

2. Large floor plans

The Fast Frame design allows

for great floor space utilisation

through near vertical walls.

Even the smallest models feel

comparatively roomy compared

to their equivalent size dome or

traditional touring tent.

3. Heavy duty materials

The Fast Frame tents set the

standard for materials. We have

utilised the toughest and most

durable 150 Denier rip stop

polyesters in our fly sheets. In our

Tourer models, a heavy weight

coated PVC flooring that has

excellent strength and performance. These tents can

truly stand up to the rigor of heavy touring.

4. Media Centre and storage features

It’s not just frame and materials

that make these tents exciting.

The creature comforts have

been included too. All models

have excellent organisation and

storage options integrated, and

Tourer models have OZtrail’s

new Media Centre included with

them. The Cruiser range is also

designed as compatible with this feature.

Hiking and trekking have such different

challenges and needs to car camping. Some

of them are obvious, but some are subtle,

and effect the design of your gear greatly.

These lightweight models are designed from

the ground up to be all-rounders when it

comes to usage, terrain and weather.

1. High quality lightweight fabrics

We have ensured that the fabric that we make use

of for fly sheet, flooring, and inner tents is as strong

as can be made, within strict

weight tolerances. However, we

recognise that sometimes a larger

tent can stand a bit more weight

as it is generally shared amongst a

couple of hikers. The range allows

for such variability.

2. Strong pole system

Whether it is the Duralium single and multi-pole

hybrid alloy pole systems, or the

DuraPlus Tri-Max design, you

are getting a pole system that is

strong, durable and light weight.

These systems have been tested

in the outdoors, and have shown

themselves to meet the needs of

hikers and travellers.

3. A focus on flooring

All models in the lightweight range have been

designed with high quality

flooring to suit the rough

treatment that they can get in

the outdoors. Unlike a traditional

tent, these designs have to put

up with a lot more pressure and

repetitive strain from entry and

exits. In terms or waterproofness

and durability, these materials hit the mark.

4. A model to let you do it your way

Each hiker and climate can

determine needs when it comes

to shelter. The lightweight range

has a core range that should suit

the basic needs for this variability.

From light as possible one pole

designs, through to larger pole

structures capable of low alpine


Our canvas series of tents utilise some of the

heaviest canvas you will find in an outdoor

store. We do this because we know a canvas

tent camper has particular wants of their

shelter, a long life, and the ability to handle

long-stay camping.

1. Heavy Duty Rip Stop fabrics

Whilst there is some variability in

wall canvas and model weights

of canvas, there are a couple of

key common features to all OZtrail

canvas. One of them is rip stop

reinforcing. If you are going to use

the same shelter for up to 20 years,

we want to reduce the chance of

wear through and tear throughout that lifetime.

2. Saturated not coated

Canvases were not all milled equally. In terms of

waterproofness this is especially

true. OZtrail canvas has its

material actually soaked through

with proprietary waterproofing

treatments we call SatProof



Unlike cheaper canvases where

a treatment is only applied to the

exterior, this SatProof treatment

means your shelter will be

waterproof for life.

3. Designs to suit your style of camping

Whether its touring or setting

up for weeks on end, the canvas

range has models that can suit

your style and size. All designs

are managed so that they are

comparatively easy to set up for

their size, and give you the best

possible space for size.

4. Comfort is not something we compromise on

Storage, 12v power ready and

large awning and windows are all

considered essential points for any

OZtrail shelter. Our canvas range,

whilst be the traditional style,

comes with untraditional levels of

creature comforts. Throughout

the range additional features are

added to make your stay comfortable.